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Lively*Pulse is a brisk and vital web spot materialized as a blog that aims at actively educating, entertaining, informing and inspiring its readers. It stemmed from the ultimate desire and motivation to engage individuals in a whole different way through media feeds that pertains to topics of technology, lifestyle and productivity, appealing to various people and thus constantly maintaining a fresh pulse that propagate throughout the virtual community to spur common interest, promote modern knowledge and a fresh, bracing lifestyle.
Lively*Pulse strives to keep you current on new trends, information and movements within its scope and will bring to you a new vibe and perspective for your enjoyment.

About the author:

Souma Badombena-Wanta is the designer, administrator and author of this blog. Souma is a technologist, engineer and entrepreneur interested in making the best of life and technology. He is currently a telecommunications and software professional. His interests and focus areas are mobile and wireless computing, embedded internet, IT architecture and applications, Next-Generation Networks and smart grids. With an extensive background in Physics and Electronics, Souma is pursuing his graduate studies to refine his interests and gain increased expertise in Information and Communication Technologies and tremendously contribute in the field of mobile computing/networking and its relevant applications. He is a self-motivated and goal-oriented individual and has been able to acquire a valuable and remarkable experience in industry, government and academia with tremendous achievements. In 2006, as a undergraduate senior, Souma participated in a Summer Research Internship at the renowned DoE Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FERMILAB) in Batavia (IL), where he researched new ways to improve RF signal monitoring by implementing an enhanced Phase Detector design. In 2007, after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics in Engineering from Virginia State University, Souma served as an adjunct faculty teaching assistant at Virginia State University while working in the wireless telephony industry. While pursuing his Graduate degree at George Mason, he performed an internship at the IBM Corporation where he worked as a Software Performance Analysis engineer also held a Co-Op position with CDM as an Automation Consulting Engineer. Throughout his academic and professional course, Souma has won several awards and scholarships notably including an International Telecommunication Union (ITU)/NOKIA Fellowship, a UNCF Scholarship, a High Performance Computing Scholarship through the University of Southern California (USC), and also a Google Academic Scholarship. Upon earning his graduate degree, Souma would like to start a successful career in the Computing/IT and Telecommunications field as an Engineer or Solutions Architect, providing innovative solutions for different services. He is an active member of the IEEE, ACM, ISOC, IEC, ISA and is involved in several technical community initiatives and also participates in volunteering service in his community. Souma besides his main occupations, advocates for bridging the digital divide globally and is involved in leadership activities promoting sustainable and green ICTs. As hobbies, he runs and plays sports like soccer, volleyball and practices martial arts. He likes blogging, hiking, traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new things.

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