Technology renders an epic future.

Have you ever imagined what the world would be just in about 10 years from now? Just think about it... what do you see? Well, it could really be mind boggling but definitely exciting because things will be way much better! But let's just take a look at it from above and analyze the whole big picture.
Technology and innovation represent two fundamental concepts that are fueling our lives, our industries and our economy. So it's definitely something that has enormous potential in transforming and shifting paradigms as we evolve. At the pace we are moving today, with the massive and fulgurant development of new technologies across various industries we can practically reach certain limits and go beyond.
For now, we can definitely anticipate and pleasingly envision a world where for instance televisions will be larger, thinner and more interactive than ever, with new ways to manage, view and sling content. Not only will TVs be interactive but they will also completely go 3D with the new 3D technology. Innovation will therefore spread from the living room to the kitchen. From refrigerators that will automatically update your shopping list when items run low to broadband-enabled appliances to smart grids that tell the clothes washer when electricity is cheapest, the next generation of technology is revolutionizing life at home. Now from home, try to get to another place and imagine how many high-tech and digital artifacts you will encounter and that will significantly enhance your experience. Hop in your car and you are in a whole new live dimension where you are kept tuned through rich infotainment throughout your drive trip. Outside, you cling to your super smart phone device which keeps you updated on almost everything around you aided by augmented reality, ubiquitous and pervasive info service and then ambient intelligence and location technology that would track you and serve you with what you need or maybe bug you with the ad-related superfluous stuff.
So while we can entertain such thoughts and vision, there can be hidden potentially negative trends associated to all this. However we all believe in "technology for good" and therefore have to craft everything carefully and intelligently to get the benefit from all. Technology is indeed getting epic and how exciting but also disturbing it is to see where it will take us!

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