Unified, Converged and Seamless Networks are real! Here is the proof...

We're getting there! Technology is amazing. But sometime you ought to be versed in the subject matter i.e. "be a techie/nerd" or pay close attention in order to sometimes remark or notice how some incredible things are happening. In fact, innovation can be sometimes more or less obvious.
Ok, we're hearing about things such as cloud computing, unified communications, seamless networks and all that,... without sometimes having a clue of what it is or not even trying to know what it is or how it happens. Well, these new computing trends are already part of our lives. And progressively we will get to full or total immersion!

I just want to make case of a small observation I made which turns out to be a tremendous, neat and useful cloud tech implementation. Ok let's take Google, and its Mobile Platforms. I am a Googler (not meaning I work there :-(, I wish I was :-) ) i.e. I am a prolific Google tech user, and fan or follower of its products and services. Now, take a smartphone ( Palm Treo, Android Phone, Window Mobile Phone etc...), regardless of the attached carrier ( AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, nTelos, etc...) or technology (GSM, CDMA) on which you have your tons on contacts (phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other). Let's consider that you have a Google account (e-mail account). In fact through this account, you can sync all your contacts with your Google contacts list by using Google Sync, a utility that allows you to dynamically inject your phone contact with your Google account and permanently sync them when there is a change or update. How cool is that! The interesting part is, anytime you loose you phone contact, meaning for instance your phone is lost or damaged or you are switching carriers you don't worry about your contacts because they are safeguarded in a database in the Google cloud!
In my case, I had a Palm Treo phone, with all my contacts synced to my Google account. I recently switched carriers in order to get myself an Android phone. So I went to the phone store to pick up a handset and a new plan. After working everything out with the salesperson, it was time to transfer my contact to my new phone. Due to the fact that I owned a CDMA device, he only had the option to use the infrared connection to beam out all the contacts but it did not work. So it's was pretty much or literally impossible to retrieve my account unless I did that manually. Well guess what, I told him I had my contact synced to Google and that there wouldn't be any problem at all! and since I got an Android phone, things were made much more easier. I just logged in my account and every was back on my new phone. No hassle, no delays! To me that was awesome. It really illustrated the concept on Unified Communications and Clouds presence. Every other time, I hear people complaining, "omg! I lost my phone, my contacts are gone, or I got a new SIM card and I need to transfer my numbers". Well, now you know better! Why don't you embrace technology and make the most of it! While, different players are working to make it available soon, just go ahead and have it with Google! it's already working!
Moreover, when you have an Android phone and a Google Voice account, well bingo! everything is totally synchronized and comprehensively managed. You e-mail, calendar info, tasks and other stuff in Google is all constantly synced and updated, anywhere at anytime. You don't worry about finding this here and not having it there! It's all unified and "cloudized" (i just made it up, it might be adopted soon, who knows? :-).
Well, that's it you got it! We are definitely moving toward an instantly connected and synced world. and that is great!

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