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Unified, Converged and Seamless Networks are real! Here is the proof...

We're getting there! Technology is amazing. But sometime you ought to be versed in the subject matter i.e. "be a techie/nerd" or pay close attention in order to sometimes remark or notice how some incredible things are happening. In fact, innovation can be sometimes more or less obvious.
Ok, we're hearing about things such as cloud computing, unified communications, seamless networks and all that,... without sometimes having a clue of what it is or not even trying to know what it is or how it happens. Well, these new computing trends are already part of our lives. And progressively we will get to full or total immersion!

Getting more productive through enhanced communications

Communication in the enterprise today appears to be accepted as pretty much efficient and sufficient, but it is actually to be rethought and redefined through considering new scenarios and instances and harnessing the power of new, emerging technologies that are offering new possibilities and feasibilities.

Most of our professional communication modes has moved to text-based modes (such as email and IM) because our applications process this media as true data and therefore bypass many traditional hindrances that still impede voice. This shift is not away from voice, per se, but a shift to more efficient processing methods. These text-based applications are more efficient with our time and attention. They make us more productive.

The XPERIA X10 coming soon to US Carriers!

A few months ago, I was considering going for a new handheld device, which I was to make a really powerful asset to make myself more efficient and productive, but it also had to be a cool and sleek device with nice features. So I had a pool of devices to choose among, and my top 3 choices were: the Google NexusOne (right about when it came out), the Sony Ericsson Experia X10 (not available in US) and the iPhone 3GS. Given that I had to make a timely choice and I went for the Google NexusOne, as a techie, Google fan and Android supporter. However, I kept my eyes on the SonyEricsson Xperia X10 because it's such a hot and nice looking phone with adorning and efficient features.

Soaring high into the clouds or "understanding Cloud Computing".

Cloud computing is the new buzzword of IT, that have actually been gaining so much attention. "What is cloud computing?" is the question that never seems to go away. No matter how much people try, a universally agreed-on definition remains elusive because it seems a little confusing or difficult to understand it grasp its concept given other IT Computing trends such as Virtualization, Hosted IT, Unified Computing which are all related ones.

Technology renders an epic future.

Have you ever imagined what the world would be just in about 10 years from now? Just think about it... what do you see? Well, it could really be mind boggling but definitely exciting because things will be way much better! But let's just take a look at it from above and analyze the whole big picture.
Technology and innovation represent two fundamental concepts that are fueling our lives, our industries and our economy. So it's definitely something that has enormous potential in transforming and shifting paradigms as we evolve. At the pace we are moving today, with the massive and fulgurant development of new technologies across various industries we can practically reach certain limits and go beyond.

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